Ingredients: Scraps of old fabric, dried lavender seeds or oil, needle and thread or sewing machine.

The Big Sell: Shall we try a magic dream pillow to help you sleep tonight?

Strategy: Now, I have to admit I’m lucky here. Both my boys, with blackout blinds, some Ladysmith Black Mambazo on the CD player and a soothing bath and stories, have been good sleepers.

But they also are furnished with vivid imaginations and that has meant phases of trouble drifting off in the dark or waking with night terrors. I certainly don’t have a cure-all for these difficult times, but if the problem is stemming from your little ones overactive imagination, I figure the solution might come from involving them in creating something that acts as a talisman.

I’ve made my two each a Dream Pillow for Christmas from scraps of fabric, filled with lavender seeds.

The ideas goes as follows – the front contains a pocket with an image of a shut eye with wool eyelashes on the front. Every night the child can write their own note or whisper into the pocket what they wish for the narrative of their dreams that night. Then they give the pillow a good soothing smell, place the Dream pillow under their pillow and we all hope for the best!!

You could even use the pocket for occasional tooth fairy visits?

The Verdict: I don’t know yet! I’ll have to come back to this one once they’ve been handed out in the stockings! I’d love to hear if you get any good results with this one?

Catchphrase: “Mummy wishes for deep, deep uninterrupted sleep! What’s your wish?”

Left wanting more?

• If your child needs a little further convincing try putting a return note or some magic fairy dust (glitter) in while they are sleeping.

• If your child is clamming up about going through a hard time with sibling rivalry or trouble at school, the Dream Pillow could become a listening place for all sorts of woes. Maybe once they’ve talked to the Dream Pillow about it, they might feel brave enough to talk about it with you?