At this time of year, I always sit down and write a list of as many ways as possible to give the kids a fun educational holiday, so this post is as much for me as the world out there! I think a little planning (which is posted on a communal notice board for the kids to read too) goes a long way in helping to create free to low cost entertainment to fill those six long weeks. Please add your own too in the comments box!

There are 30 ideas here (one for each week day of the holiday, give yourself the weekends off!) many of which are explained in prior posts:

  1. Try a new exotic piece of fruit or veg once a week – this week I have bought a hairy coconut which we will ask Daddy to open with a knife and then drink from with straws
  2. Staircase mountaineering
  3. Make an easy peasy DIY doll by bending a pipecleaner into a person-shaped frame, then cutting old scraps of fabric into clothing shapes (2 of each, one for front and back) and glue over the frame with lots of PVA. Once dry, the kids can sew around the edges (optional), and you can decorate with ribbons, pen and wool.
  4. Make some Land Art in your local park (look at Richard Long for ideas) by gathering sticks, long grass, pebbles etc and making a natural collage around a tree trunk. Try to use skills like weaving, natural colour coding, freezing and sculpting ice.
  5. Have a pretend sleepover either with friends or siblings, simply by moving them onto a shared mattress on the floor of a different room at bedtime (like the living room), providing snacks in a bowl and a ‘late night’ film (7pm onwards).
  6. Make a Flick Book animation
  7. Have a Backwards Day. Start the day with a bath, bedtime story and milk, eat dinner for breakfast mid morning and finish the day with cereal and toast, meeting yourself for lunch in the middle!
  8. If your house has a pile of half read kids magazines like mine, create a collage or a comic book by cutting out all the characters and letters (then recycling the remainder).
  9. Have a Kids Cuisine Family Dinner – invite the children to cook for the family by showing them the contents of the cupboards, explaining how they must use a healthy balance (draw out the portions of carbs, veg, protein on  a paper plate) and then inviting them to make their own recipe whilst helping them to cook with as little intervention as possible. They must set the table and do the washing up too!
  10. Try some DIY story-telling and bookmaking.
  11. Visit your free local library and museum for research and then make your own at  home, with homemade tickets and badges for staff (you can buy cheap stamp from a Pound shop to help make the tickets)
  12. Throw a Teddy Bears picnic
  13. Speak in a foreign language for a day. The kids can pick the country of choice and use the internet to find the basics – Yes, No, Please, Thank you, etc… you could even theme your dress and food too
  14. Create a DIY Olympics in the back garden or local park – use ribbon for the finish line and make your own medals with paper plates and foil.
  15. Draw a Chalk dartboard on a fence or wall in the garden and arm your kids with water pistols
  16. Build a Lego world for all the small toys (try Atlantis or a theme park).
  17. Eat an apple in the first week of the holidays, plant the seed, re-pot the shoot as it grows and plant it in the garden by the sixth week.
  18. Write an Acrostic Poem (choose a word for the theme of the poem and make the letters go vertically down the page, then write a horizontal sentence from each starting letter of that word).
  19. Start saving your junk modelling now to make endless ‘Finventions’
  20. Make an Imagination Goggles Sketchbook
  21. Have a Home School Day – the  kids must draw up a timetable, with break times and fruit time just like school and run their own school for the day. Teddies can be the pupils!
  22. Watch Deadly Art here and learn to draw your own deadly creatures
  23. Make an Air drying clay model, bake it and paint it.
  24. Hold a Yard or Table Top Sale in the front garden – the kids can choose which toys they want to recycle and then invest the profit wisely in a local charity shop
  25. Create a toy hospital with all the cuddlies and lots of red stickers.
  26. Go on holiday in the house by flying carpet with soundscape.
  27. Play a game of Chess or Backgammon or make a Domino run (can you make it climb up and down bricks as stairs?)
  28. Have a midday Play Bath by dying the water with food colouring and adding all your sea creature toys.
  29. Write a Pen Pal letter or postcard to a friend who lives far away.
  30. Most importantly, make a scrapbook record of all your adventures as you go – then they can revisit all their games for the rest of the year and want to play them all over again!!!

P.s. Let them get bored at the weekends and they’re sure to come up with their own fantastic ideas too!