Ingredients:  Collection of all shapes of fallen leaves, feathers, conker cases, twigs, pebbles (anything with an interesting texture); crayons, drinking straws, wool, stapler, pretty crepe or sugar paper.

The Big Sell: Let’s celebrate Autumn!

Strategy:  There’s something about September that I find really comforting – the fading firey leaves seem to coat the world in a blanket that promises snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate and Christmas stockings are just around the corner.

If you and your child love to harvest interesting fallen Autumn detritus, why not turn them into a hanging mobile to display in a window?

  1. Simply collect an array of interesting leaves, feathers, bark etc… and use crayons to make rubbings on pretty crepe or sugar paper. Look at the detail of veins and differing shapes with your child.
  2. Cut out your rubbings in shapes and sizes of all different leaves
  3. Make a triangular frame by sellotaping together 3 drinking straws (use the bendy bits to form the corners).
  4. Hang your leaves from the frame by stapling to wool and attach more wool at the top by which to hang your finished mobile.

The verdict:

Banish post-summer and ‘returning to school’ blues by celebrating the changing seasons around you, and make those walks to school fun (while the sun still holds out) by collecting new finds each time you go out to add to the mobile.

I received an email from the National Trust this week, who are promoting their campaign to encourage children to play outside and seek entertainment in the environment to address growing Nature Deficit Disorder. This is something I feel passionately about and want to encourage parents to get stuck in to reverse the trend. Check out the link to their excellent website Outdoor Nation and, while you’re at it, why not pop National Trust membership on your Christmas List so you can explore the changing seasons at your nearest  location.

Catchphrase: Anyone for a game of conkers?

Left wanting more?