Ingredients: string, PVA glue, strong card, scissors, paints and brushes, brown paper / newspaper, tissue paper

The Big Sell: Did you know Santa’s elves have to design & print their own wrapping paper? Lets give them a hand!

Strategy: Simple printmaking idea which is perfect as a Christmas activity. Simply glue string in the pattern of your choice (heart, gift, tree, star, etc..) onto squares of hard cardboard with PVA glue to make your stamp.Then cover in a layer of tissue paper and leave a while.
Once dry, ink up with sticky paint and print merrily away (with Jingle Bells accompaniment if you wish!) on reams of brown paper or news print. Hang up to dry on washing line.

Verdict: A very pleasing, economic and therapeutic way to create beautiful personalised wrapping paper or cards. Kids tend to like stamps as much as stickers, which helps, and relatives will love the personal touch. You could even make individual letter stamps to label everyone’s presents with their own initials.

Catchphrase: ‘let’s gets a factory line going like inside Santa’s workshop!’

Left wanting more?
You could always make a secret Santa stamp to decorate those extra special gifts that arrive down the chimney (just make sure you hide the stamp away!)