Ingredients: old socks, scraps of felt, needle and thread / darning wool, buttons, stuffing

The Big Sell: Wow, you’re feet have grown again. Who do you fancy your old socks turning into?

A popular one here… Good old sock toys, but especially pertinent at this time of year when children may want a new cuddly to ease them back into starting school again, and you happen to be sorting through their clothes drawers. I admit the striped crocodile one was a Christmas gift that came in kit form but with such excellent instructions I made another (for the jealous sibling) from two old socks anyway.

1) take the first sock and stuff (use an old cushion if you don’t have any wadding) then sew up the bottom – this will be the head and body.
2) the heel of the sock will form the top of the head, put a stitch underneath the neck to make a right angle.
3) take the second sock and cut out 4 squares from the top part of the sock
4) sew them (wrong sides together) most part round, turn right way out, stuff and then hand stitch the last side. These are the hands and feet, sew to body.
5) make a tail from the last remaining section of the 2nd sock if required.
6) add remaining head / tail spikes /teeth (croc) or nose / ears /tail (bear) from felt scraps
7) sew on buttons for eyes.

Really easy peasy handmade toys which I must admit are extremely appealing looking. Recycling at its best!

Catchphrase: ‘just don’t name me cheesy!’

Left wanting more?

Top tip: mix and match two alternate colour old socks to give accent colours to your sock pet.

Add these characters to your cardboard puppet theatre for added play value! (See last post)